Hypnosis Can Be An Effective Part of a Treatment Plan

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, while still considered by some to be an “alternative” mental health practice is becoming more mainstream as studies continue to prove its effectiveness in a wide variety of situations. According to Stanford University psychiatry and behavioural science professor David Spiegel, hypnotherapy is “literally the oldest Western conception… Read more »

hypnosis to lose weight

Study Shows Why Stress Influences Food Choices

A challenging morning meeting or an interaction with an upset client at work may affect whether we go for that cheese cake desert at lunch. In a recent study at the University of Zurich in Switzerland, researchers placed human volunteers in a controlled “food choice” situation to explore how stress… Read more »

The Chia Pet and Marijuana Diet?

When it comes to nutritional strategies for health and for attaining your ideal weight, there are lots of choices for your essential protein intake which are more effective and less expensive than the typical lean meats and dairy products. A recent study points out that if a person wants to… Read more »

Hypnotherapy to reclaim power

Using Hypnotherapy to Reclaim Your Power Today

No one can possibly “make you feel” any emotion whatsoever, because your emotions are only ever created in YOUR OWN MIND in response to INTERNAL BELIEFS you have about the external world and how your unconscious mind chooses to interpret the behaviors offered to you by others. All the stuff… Read more »