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Sexual Performance

It’s a fact… the most powerful and potent sexual organ you have is your mind. Not only can it enhance your sexual experience and performance, according to the Mayo Clinic, “The brain plays a key role in triggering the series of physical events that cause an erection, starting with feelings of sexual excitement.” If you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction (men) or lack of desire or arousal (women), first get yourself checked out by your physician to make sure there’s nothing wrong with you physically. If he gives you a clean bill of health but you’re still struggling, chances are there’s something going on emotionally. That’s when NLP and Hypnosis can help you get your mojo back. Generally clients experience improvement after their first session without the need for any medication and resolve the issue completely within just a few sessions.


Have you ever felt you were capable of accomplishing more or making more money but you just can’t quite seem to make it happen for yourself?  If you have, it’s very possible, you have put up some mental obstacles that prevent you from performing at your very best.  Hypnosis and NLP are the most effective way available to rid yourself of self imposed obstacles…. both known and unknown while providing your unconscious mind with alternative strategies that can allow it to be even more effective at doing what it works day and night to accomplish… keeping you safe and protected and happy. Schedule a session today using my online appointment system.  You’ll be surprised and delighted at the results.


Jack Nicklaus is known to have repeated the mantra “Golf is 90% mental and 10% physical” over and over again. While I don’t know if the 90% part is accurate, there’s no doubt that in golf and for that matter, in all sports in general, the mental aspect of the game is a significant factor. Some world class athletes who have used hypnosis to up their game are Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan (and the entire Chicago Bulls team) and Mary Lou Retton. Given this common knowledge, it’s interesting to notice how much money and attention people spend on technology to improve the physical part of their game while totally ignoring the opportunity to improve the mental aspect of their game.  And it’s not just golf either. The mind plays a major part of all competitive activities whether it’s tennis, bowling, poker etc.

For years, top athletes have utilized the very same techniques of relaxed and focused concentration the same techniques found in hypnosis to be their very best.  Whatever your sport, this year, instead of investing in the latest technology, invest in engaging and empowering your mental game.  You’ll be surprised and delighted at the improvements you will experience.

Improve your performance by improving your mind with NLP and hypnosis. Make an appointment today.