Advances in Weight Loss Hypnotherapy – The Virtual Gastric Band

Avoids Costly & Dangerous Surgery

More and more people are choosing the Virtual Gastric Band, the latest advance in weight loss hypnotherapy, over the more expensive and dangerous surgical procedure. Modern gastroplasty, including gastric banding, was pioneered by Drs. Kuzmac and Yap in 1990 and has become increasingly more popular as the obesity epidemic has continued to grow in the US.

Gastric banding was originally recommended in only the most severe cases of morbid obesity. However, as it’s popularity increased, the amount a person had to be overweight to be considered for a gastric band has steadily been lowered to the point now where some are recommending the gastric band for people who only need to lose between 80 and 100 lbs.

The Virtual Gastric Band can be an affordable and highly effective weight loss tool regardless of the amount of weight a person has to lose. Used as one component of an overall weight loss hypnotherapy program, the hypnotherapist implants, in the unconscious mind of the client, the belief that a gastric band has been attached to the stomach thereby shrinking the stomach by about 75% causing you to feel full more quickly and requiring that you eat more slowly.

Actual gastric band surgery costs between $5,000 and $20,000 depending upon the type of surgery and who is doing it (there are some discount rate doctors out there but one would be wise to investigate thoroughly before going that route) and the list of possible complications from invasive surgery is long and ominous. In addition, studies show that not only do these procedures often require follow up surgeries, they also need additional support to help patients with compliance, a critical component of a successful surgery.

The Virtual Gastric Band procedure, on the other hand can be accomplished for well under $1,000 in most major cities, does not require any surgery at all and includes behavior modification as a core component of the program.

At Happiness Now Hypnosis, our Virtual Gastric Band program consists of a total of 6 sessions of about 1.2 hours each. The first three sessions focus on reprogramming your unconscious mind’s eating strategies to a more healthy and desirable way of approaching food. It also induces a more active lifestyle, an essential component of any successful, long term weight loss program. The last three sessions focus on the unconscious implantation of the virtual gastric band itself.

Once the Virtual Gastric Band procedure is completed, the client will find that their stomach feels much smaller and that they will get full after even a very small portion., as if they had actual undergone the surgery and had the gastric band installed. The advantage the Virtual Gastric Band client will have is that they will have undergone about 4.5 hours of hypnotherapy prior to the procedure thereby assuring the proper intellectual and emotional foundation to assure success of the procedure, something totally absent in the surgical equivalent.

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