Hypnosis may help kids’ stomach woes long-term

(Reuters Health) – Hypnosis may bring lasting relief to some kids with irritable bowel syndrome or chronic stomach pain, a small study suggests.
Researchers found that of 52 children with the tummy troubles, those who had six hypnosis sessions — plus at-home "self-hypnosis" — were still doing well five years later.
More than two-thirds were free or mostly free of abdominal pain. That compared with just 20 percent of kids who were given standard therapy alone.

Gastric Bypass – No Surgery – A Review

The airways are full of commercials these days advertising an alternative for gastric bypass surgery but with no surgery involved.  The claim is made that their gastric bypass – no surgery formula fills the stomach to the point where you can't eat as much, just as if you had gastric bypass surgery and so you will lose weight.  
The ads also claim, correctly that the gastric bypass – no surgery program is less expensive than surgery. The question on a lot of people's minds is, does it work and if it does, how much does it cost?   Regarding the question, “Does it work?”, the answer is a qualified yes.  By qualified, I mean that, if taken according to directions and with at least a minimum amount of motivation, most people will probably lose weight temporarily with this program. 

Why New Years Resolutions Often Don’t Work

It's time once again for that time honored tradition of coming up with a New Years Resolution. And, about a month from now, the second time honored tradition will be rolling around… that time when people fail once again to keep those New Year's Resolution. 
But before you put your will power to the test once again and risk disappointment, it might be helpful to know the reason it's so difficult to stick with these resolutions, no matter how important they are or how well intentioned and determined you are when you make them. 

You – Version 2.0

Your mind is the most amazing and sophisticated biological computer on earth.  It processes up to 200 million bits of information every second and it has a seemingly unlimited capacity to store data (memories).  The conscious part of your brain, on the other hand, is only capable of processing about 60 bits of information per second, depending upon the task.  The rest of the information is processed and filtered by the unconscious mind. 

One way to look at the relationship between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind would be to compare it to the relationship between you and your computer.  Imagine the computer is the body, you, as the computer operator, are the conscious portion of the mind and the operating system is the unconscious portion of your mind.