Enjoy Life More With Hypnosis & NLP

Enjoy Life More With Hypnosis & NLP

I frequently work with clients who have a good job, a good home and family and by all respects they should be joyful or at least happy but they’re not. Sometimes they feel their life is full of too much stress. Other times, they are “people pleasers” who find themselves unable to bring balance into their lives and never seem to have enough time for themselves. People with low self esteem often have difficulty enjoying their life because they never quite feel they are worthy and therefore have to keep proving it to themselves and others. This can be exhausting. Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming, especially when combined together can be very effective at releasing the negative emotions that keep people from experiencing more joy and happiness in their life.

Low self esteem or a negative self image can feel like you have a hole inside of you that you are constantly trying to fill up from outside yourself. Some try to fill it by people pleasing, others try to fill that emptiness through shopping. Still others find themselves in one relationship after another, always struggling to fill their spouses needs but never getting their own needs filled.

Everyone deserves to enjoy life more and be happy. And to be clear, I am not suggesting the kind of unreal Pollyanna type of happiness that blithely ignores reality and the struggles in life. The kind of happiness I am talking about is being genuinely happy with a positive outlook while dealing with the challenges of living in today’s world. We’ve all met people like that and what an uplifting experience it is when we do. To be that kind of happy, you need to first fill that hole… that emptiness inside and that can only be done from within.

The advanced techniques available through Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming can, in just a few sessions, help you let go of the negative beliefs and emotions that may stem from a less than perfect childhood and are weighing you down now. Or, for that matter, I frequently work with people who “enjoyed” what on the surface appeared to be a good childhood yet still carried negative beliefs into adulthood. Even the best parents can inadvertently teach a child a negative belief. It’s important to remember that a young child with an undeveloped understanding of the world is the one doing the learning. As a result, while attempting to teach a child that they are capable of better performance in school or sports, may be learned as “I’m not good enough.”

If you want to enjoy life more. If you want to release negative emotions or if you want to finally fill that need to feel worthy or good enough from the inside, then schedule your initial session right now. Most clients experience significant improvement after their first session.