Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight loss hypnosis is one of the most common reasons people seek out hypnotherapists. This makes sense when you consider that, of all the animals on the planet, man is the only one that eats for reasons other than nutrition. In fact, in most cases, many people (and most obese people) eat for every reason BUT nutrition. Think of the reasons you eat other than to provide your body with the proper nutrition to maintain your maximum health. The reasons vary greatly among the overweight but the most common reasons are, stress, boredom, and comfort.

Eating is primarily an unconscious behavior. Sure, people sometimes consciously decide what to eat but the urge to eat is usually driven by the unconscious part of your mind. And their conscious decisions as to what to eat are often influenced (or controlled) by the unconscious mind as well. This fact is the reason that diets usually don't work and when they do, you often find yourself putting the pounds right back on once you stop dieting… because the diet didn't alter the unconscious patterns and behaviors that put on the weight in the first place. 

The use of weight loss hypnosis by a skilled hypnotherapist changes these unconscious behaviors and establishes new healthy ones in their place. This allows you to lose weight naturally and comfortably, without feeling like you are sacrificing. Working with a client for weight loss hypnosis also involves other essential elements of a successful weight loss program.  This includes

  • Effective goal setting (this is crucial to any weight loss program)
  • Review and analysis of eating patterns and strategies (What you eat, why you eat and how you eat all affect how well you can lose weight and keep it off)
  • Review and analysis of physical activities (exercise)
  • Discussion, when appropriate, of how different foods affect the body
  • Blood sugar, food and diabetes (when client is pre-diabetic or has diabetes in the family history)

This comprehensive approach for our weight loss hypnosis program gives you the best possible chance for both short term and long term success. 

You deserve to be healthy and happy. If you're overweight and frustrated with the failure or yoyo effect that often comes with dieting alone, then sign up for our weight loss hypnosis program and discover just how easy it can be to lose weight when your unconscious mind is working with you instead of against you.