Using Hypnosis for Self Esteem Therapy

Self esteem, both high and low, is the exclusive perview of the unconscious portion of your mind and generally speaking is first formed in childhood. While it's true, no parent sets out to instill low self esteem in their child, a child's ability to accurately perceive and understand the world around them is limited and simplistic and, as a result, they can interpret events that may seem insignificant to adults as an indication of their lack of worth.

For example, a child bringing home a paper from school that they are particularly proud of and having their parent ignore it or dismiss it because they were having a bad day can trigger the thought that they aren't good enough to matter to that parent. After all, the child has no way of knowing their mom or dad was having a bad day… so they just feel the rejection.

Once the unconscious mind gets the idea that “I'm not good enough” or “I'm not worthy” or any number of other negative thoughts, those thoughts become beliefs that then become a part of a person's understanding of who they are in relation to the world around them.

Once a belief becomes a part of a person's map of reality, the unconscious mind will begin to filter input they get and will reject esteem building feedback while allowing in and embracing anything negative that reinforces one's belief about themselves. We all know people who will dismiss a compliment from a friend or co-worker offhand yet will accept and embrace even the hint of criticism. In fact they are capable of misinterpreting neutral or even positive feedback as being negative in order to have it fit their belief of themselves. This process then becomes self fulfilling as they continue to reject all positive feedback while accepting the negative and thereby constantly reconfirming their belief about themselves.

Since this entire process takes place as the unconscious level, hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming are quite effective at breaking this cycle and helping you reprogram your unconscious mind in order to let go of those old belief systems while replacing them with new beliefs that celebrate your positive qualities and open you up to accepting the praise that people have been giving you all along.

If you are tired of having low self esteem and are ready to let go of those negative beliefs about yourself and you want to begin enjoying your positive qualities instead, make an appointment today. While I normally recommend 3-6 hypnotherapy sessions for most esteem issues, you'll be surprised and delighted how much better you feel about yourself beginning with the very first hypnotherapy session.