Robin Williams and Joan Rivers, Same Professions but Worlds Apart

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Robin Williams and Joan Rivers are two comedic icons yet live(ed) in two remarkably different worlds. Robin used humor, along with alcohol to cope with and mask depression while Joan used humor to laugh at everyone including herself. I can only wonder how funny Robin might have been if he had been able to remain sober and manage the depression that robbed him of his life and the world of his amazing talent and humanity. 

Depression is not a laughing matter. Depression affects more than one's mood. It negatively affects a person's health, their longevity and their productivity. The causes and potential cures for depression are the subject of study and conjecture. 

One school of thought is that low serotonin levels cause a lowering of one's mood and brings on depression.  Studies absolutely do correlate a depressed mood to low serotonin levels and high serotonin levels to an elevated or happier mood. However, studies also indicate that a self induced depressed mood lowers serotonin levels and a self-induced higher mood increases serotonin levels. 

And thus experts differ, like the chicken and the egg, on which comes first. In my opinion, I think both are most likely true. I have no doubt that if a person truly has a biological condition that reduces the body's ability to produce serotonin, then they are possibly going to have more difficulty feeling happy. On the other hand, the human mind is an exceptionally powerful mechanism. It has proven the power to heal as well as the power to make us ill and time and time again demonstrates it has the ability to compensate for physical limitations. 

Still, as a Hypnotherapist, I think that getting rid of negative thought and emotions and limiting belief systems is a far more holistic approach to reducing depression and elevating mood and, if effective, is certainly preferable to ingesting chemicals in hopes of finding just the right cocktail of psychotropic drugs to elevate the mood to the proper level without dulling all the rest of one's senses and abilities. 

The unconscious mind, looking at reality through the filters of all our belief systems about ourselves and the world, can inspire us or discourage us… can have us seeing the silver lining in every cloud or the cloud inside every silver lining. Is the cup half full… or is it half empty?  Do you poor and stressed despite your wealth or do you feel rich and blessed despite your financial struggles? 

When an icon who seemingly had it all ends his life or even ruins it through irrational acts, people can't help but wonder, "How could a person with all that want to kill themselves…how bad could it possibly be?" The truth is, it's not how bad it is from our perspective, it's how bad it is from theirs and belief systems can alter our perception of reality in a very powerful and real way. 

If you have some belief systems… or negative thoughts that are keeping you from fully enjoying your life, I suggest you consider changing the belief systems and letting go of those negative emotions. Your unconscious mind is more than happy to do that if you just let it. Imagine what it would be like if you liked yourself more or believed in yourself more… if you had more self confidence…or simply were happier without all those depressing thoughts. 

During my sessions, using hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming II regularly experience my clients letting go of a lifetime of negative emotions and finding increased happiness and inner peace. If you are holding yourself back from being the best and happiest you, you can be, make an appointment today and begin your journey to a happier and more positive you.