Positive Stress vs Negative Stress – Do I Want Either?

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Positive Stress vs Negative Stress – Do I Want Either?

Positive stress, also known as Eustress is the excitement felt by people when they are confronted by a demanding situation, which they think they can handle. People intentionally create Eustress through sports, gambling, business, watching scary movies and riding roller coasters. Eustress is created by the subconscious mind. Negative stress (distress) is also created by the subconscious mind and can sometimes be very appropriate and useful… for example… in an emergency situation.  

However, often times, people can experience unwarranted and unnecessary levels of distress when it serves no good purpose and can even make a person less effective. It's often called poor stress management. A person under stress can lose sleep, become distracted and it can even negatively affect their health. The subconscious mind also creates this kind of stress in response to situations that may seem appropriate to it but not to them. 

Using NLP and Hypnosis, we introduce the subconscious mind to alternate, more satisfying, strategies in order to bring the same and even greater benefit. People are surprised and delighted when they discover that situations that used to trigger stress no longer have that affect on them and that the stress is replaced with more desired responses, the kind that can help them reach their goals and succeed. It's good if you can manage stress effectively, it's even better if you can reduce stress significantly or, better yet, get rid of most of it entirely.

If you have unwanted stress in your life, schedule an appointment today and take the first important step toward relieving stress through hypnosis.