Hypnosis Works Perfectly With Other Weight Loss Methods

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Hypnosis Makes Other Weight Loss Programs Even Better

I get asked a lot by weight loss clients and potential weight loss clients if it makes sense to work with a Hypnotherapist while they are participating in another weight loss program like Weight Watchers, Medical Weight Loss Clinics or even Nutrisystems and my answer is always an emphatic “Yes, absolutely!” In fact, Hypnosis and NLP can only strengthen and improve any weight loss program you’re already on.

That’s because most other weight loss programs that don’t involve hypnosis for weight loss, dictate what you should eat, what foods to avoid and they also tell you what proper portion sizes are. Some even limit you to eating what they provide you with every week. A few weight loss programs also try to modify your behavior by making you check in all the time or have group weigh-in days. For many these become times to bring up guilt and, as such, are de-motivating.

While all weight loss programs not involving Hypnosis for weight loss or NLP do try to help you modify your behavior, the problem is, they’re all talking to your conscious mind and that is seldom successful, as everyone knows. Eating is an unconscious behavior that we develop when we’re kids so it’s something everyone has pretty much perfected (for better or for worse) by the time they are out of their teens. That’s why telling you how to change your behavior, even if you want to, is a real challenge without dealing directly with the unconscious part of your mind at the same time.

That’s where Hypnotherapy and NLP come in. These two powerful proven techniques allow you to directly interact with your unconscious mind and to change those pesky behaviors that have had you on the weight loss yo-yo for so many years.

The tools I use when working with weight loss clients, whether they are taking advantage of my Mastering Your Weight program or not, are specifically designed to reprogram the part of your unconscious mind that is in charge of your eating habits to create new nutritional strategies that work for you for a lifetime.

So, if you’re following any kind of weight loss regime now and want better results or if you’re ready to make some changes in your lifestyle to become a better version of you, then consider Hypnotherapy and NLP. To discuss your individual needs directly with me you can call me directly at 248-234-1891 or if you’re ready to get started, you can schedule an appointment online with my easy to use online system by clicking here.