Eliminate Test Anxiety With Hypnotherapy & NLP

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Eliminate Test Anxiety With Hypnotherapy & NLP

test anxiety hypnotherapyDid you know that one out of five people suffer from some form of test anxiety and that number has grown and continues to grow over time? In my experience, the advanced techniques of NLP combined with Hypnotherapy are the best and fastest way to overcome this troubling disorder I’ve found.

Test anxiety can be very disheartening. You’ve done great on your homework and other assignments and have spent days and weeks preparing for the big test and you are totally confident you know the material. Then, as you sit down to take the exam, if feels as if your mind freezes up… or that there’s this huge block keeping you from retrieving the answers… you start getting anxious and it only gets worse. Anxiety turns into panic as you struggle through the test and wind up getting a score far below your ability or your expectations.

Test anxiety is actually a form of “social phobia” and presents itself in very much the same way as most phobias, both social and specific do. This is actually very good news because that means that I treat clients with test anxiety the same as I do clients with other phobias with advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques…and since phobias are usually relatively quick to resolve, likewise test anxiety is also relatively “quick fix.”

Of course everyone responds differently to NLP and Hypnotherapy but for many years NLP practitioners have been treating phobias to their satisfaction of their clients in usually 1-3 sessions. If you’re suffering from test anxiety, schedule an initial session today. You can use my simple online appointment calendar by clicking here or you can call me directly and I can answer any questions you might have and we can schedule it over the phone. Either way, there’s absolutely no need for you to suffer through another anxiety filled test. Here’s a couple of true anecdotes about recent clients of mine.

Jennifer is 29. She works for a department of the US Government out of state and had been sent to Detroit for 4 weeks of advanced training. There were two tests during the training, one at the end of the second week and one at the end of training. To get a passing grade, students had to average 84% combined for the two tests. I got a call from Jennifer’s mother and she told me how Jen suffers from test anxiety and, as a result, had gotten a 67% on her mid term test. Needless to say, she was panicking since this meant she could only miss one question on the final test in order to pass the course with at least an 84% average over the two tests. Her mom had suggested Hypnotherapy and was charged with finding someone to help her daughter. She asked me if I could help.

Jennifer came in at the end of her third week with the final test coming the following Friday. We both felt good about the session and I told Jen if she needed another session before the test, I would make room for her the following week. I didn’t hear from Jen again until three weeks later when I received an email from her announcing, “I just wanted to let you know, I got 100% on my test. Thanks very much for the help.” I love results like that.

I got a call last week from another former client of mine who came to me to help her pass her medical board exams. Amina had completed medical school and her residency three years prior to our meeting. The first time she took her medical boards she failed them due to a test anxiety. She’d suffered from it all the way but had managed to pass with good grades anyway but it was just too much for her to overcome when taking these most difficult exams.

Amina had taken a job in a medical lab just to get some money coming in while she tried to deal with this debilitating fear. She finally decided to try Hypnotherapy as a last resort. As with Jen, we only had one session together and I didn’t hear from her again for many months until this most recent call. Amina told me she had passed her medical boards without anxiety and was now preparing, and looking forward to taking more board exams in her specialty and wanted to have another hypnotherapy session even though she didn’t feel as if she needed it. She just wanted to “be on the safe side.”

While these are two recent anecdotes, they are by no means unique or unusual. While I can’t promise you the same results, I will tell you that most people who come to me for test anxiety experience noticeable and meaningful improvement after the first hypnotherapy session and are generally able to resolve it completely within just a few sessions.

If you want to overcome your test anxiety, schedule a session now. If you know someone who suffers from test anxiety, let them know that NLP and Hypnotherapy may well be the solution they’ve been looking for.