You – Version 2.0

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Your mind is the most amazing and sophisticated biological computer on earth.  It processes up to 200 million bits of information every second and it has a seemingly unlimited capacity to store data (memories).  The conscious part of your brain, on the other hand, is only capable of processing about 60 bits of information per second, depending upon the task.  The rest of the information is processed and filtered by the unconscious mind. 

One way to look at the relationship between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind would be to compare it to the relationship between you and your computer.  Imagine the computer is the body, you, as the computer operator, are the conscious portion of the mind and the operating system is the unconscious portion of your mind. 

Skills you learn are like new programs you install on your computer.  Just like word processing programs allow you to create documents, when you learned to read and write, you were in essence installing a new word processing program into your unconscious mind.  Since the day you were born you have been installing new programs and upgrading existing programs to better perform the skills your conscious mind chooses to add to your available resources… your suite of programs.  Math, sports, games, music, art… every skill you possess is another program you have installed into your unconscious mind.

Since the day you were born, you've also been installing emotional responses and beliefs about yourself and the world into your unconscious mind. Unlike skills, these were mainly installed without your conscious mind directing it and unlike your skill sets, these programs don't always update regularly to remain harmonious and in alignment with the highest and best interests of your conscious mind.

When these "plug-ins" become outdated they can create problems for the user (you).  They can cause you to overeat, smoke, sabotage relationships, procrastinate, experience unwarranted and unnecessary fear… and the list goes on and on.  Now it would be great if you could update these behaviors and beliefs as simply as you improve your skill sets… and you can, if you know how to communicate properly with the subconscious portion of your mind.  However, techniques like "will power," in case you hadn't noticed already, are about the least effective way of updating the programs in your unconscious mind.  

The good news is, the unconscious mind learns very quickly and unwanted or undesirable behaviors can be changed very quickly when using the proper techniques.  The techniques used in NLP and hypnosis are specifically designed to communicate directly with your unconscious mind and together with you, to update the programs and "apps" your mind has accumulated since childhood so that they operate as you want them to and provide you with the highest benefit possible.  

Imagine if you performed in your career or in sports as well as you know you're capable of performing.  Imagine if you could get rid of all the emotional baggage you lug around how much happier you'd be and how much more rewarding your relationships would be.  Imagine if you ate what was good for you and no more because that's what was natural for you to do.  Imagine how much you could get done if, instead of procrastinating, you took effective action and got things done. 

Software companies are constantly upgrading their programs and apps on smart phones are also updated constantly to improve their performance. How long has it been since you upgraded your unconscious mind?  Are you still operating on "You version 1.0"  Maybe it's time for the latest, state-of-the-art version of yourself, "You version 2.0." 

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