Why New Years Resolutions Often Don’t Work

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It's time once again for that time honored tradition of coming up with a New Years Resolution. And, about a month from now, the second time honored tradition will be rolling around… that time when people fail once again to keep those New Year's Resolution. 
But before you put your will power to the test once again and risk disappointment, it might be helpful to know the reason it's so difficult to stick with these resolutions, no matter how important they are or how well intentioned and determined you are when you make them. 
The unconscious part of your mind controls most of your behavior and all of your emotions.  It's in control of your compatible habits and your incompatible habits.  (I prefer not to label habits as “good” and “bad” because all of your habits were developed out of an intent to create maximum benefit for you given the resources available at the time they were learned and it suggests there's something wrong with you, which I don't think is the case.)
When you try to overrule your unconscious behavior simply through the will of your conscious mind, the odds are stacked heavily against you.  Unless you teach your unconscious mind new and better alternative behaviors, whether it's about eating or smoking or any other behavior you want to change or  improve, your unconscious will continue to work its hardest to keep doing what it was doing before and, while your will power requires constant conscious effort, your unconscious is like a determined 2 year old child in that it has nothing else to do but constantly push to overrule your consciously held will power. 
If you want to succeed with your New Year's Resolution, consider using Hypnosis and NLP to reprogram your unconscious mind and create new behaviors that work for you and support you in attaining your goals whether it's to lose some weight and get fit, quit smoking, get over a failed relationship and move on, manage your Type 2 Diabetes better or to become more effective at work.  
Or maybe 2014 is the year you decide to let go of all that emotional baggage… those negative emotions that have been haunting you for years so you can experience all the joy life has to offer.  Whatever New Year's Resolutions you want to make, I'm here team up with you to make those resolutions a permanent part of a new you.  
May you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy, Prosperous and Joyous New Year.