Oprah Gets $60M Richer – But Will Weight Watchers Improve?

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weight-loss-hypnotherapyOprah Winfrey just fattened her wallet by a cool $60 million when she bought a 10% stake in struggling Weight Watchers and there’s little doubt with her face plastered on Weight Watchers home page that she will bring in a fair amount of new business. But will Weight Watchers be any more effective at helping someone attain their desired weight and keep it there? Probably not. While there is something to be said for having group support and accountability and a simplified way to measure food intake, we believe that Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming are a more effective way to Master Your Weight.

So, how does our Mastering Your Weight program differ from Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers is a combination of weekly meetings and weigh-ins combined with a regimented food portioning points system and some coaching. Coaches may be trained but they are trained to encourage and motivate a person at a conscious level.

Our Mastering Your Weight program consists of 4 sessions using advanced Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques and is focused on actually changing the behaviors that have led to your weight gain in addition to setting a very clear and powerful goal and building motivation to reach it.

Your Desired Weight – 

Weight Watchers has you setting lots of interim goals on the way to your desired weight. They say it makes it less daunting. They suggest you pick a final goal based upon your age and tables and other totally non-motivating concepts.

Our Mastering Your Weight program has you choosing your ideal weight… that weight that, if you knew you would get there would provide the greatest motivation. Then we help you convert that weight number to your actual goal… the person you will be when you attain your ideal weight. The numbers on the scale aren’t the goal… the image of that future you is what that number on the scale represents. That’s the goal we get you in touch with in a most powerful way using our hypnotherapy and NLP techniques. That is what motivates you and helps you reach that goal naturally.

As long as it’s reasonable and you can imagine yourself attaining that weight, then that is your goal. For people who have difficulty imagining losing that much weight, you don’t need to settle for less than your ideal weight. Try this simple technique. Let’s say you would ideally like to lose 60 lbs but it seems like too big a task.. then ask yourself “Can I lose 1 lb?” If your answer is “yes” then great… if losing 1 lb is simple… then just decide to lose 1 pound 60 times in a row. You’ll be surprised how easy that seem by comparison.

Your Nutritional Strategies 

Weight Watchers will tell you to use their points system and to buy their products (highly processed and full of mysterious sounding chemicals) to change what you eat but does nothing to help you change how you eat or why you eat.

Our Mastering Your Weight program uses Hypnotherapy to actually help your unconscious mind… the part of your mind that controls your eating habits…to reprogram itself and to develop new nutritional strategies so instead of eating for comfort or until you feel full, you can begin eating to reach your goal.

Our Mastering Your Weight program is judgment free.

I’ve heard so many people relate to how much stress surrounds those weekly weight-ins. In our program, weighing yourself becomes a stress free and motivating experience. Let’s face it… your body’s water content is the largest determining factor in your weight gain and loss on a daily basis and can even effect your weekly weigh-ins. Attaining and maintaining your ideal weight should be an exciting and enjoyable journey… and guilt and shame can be very deflating so, we’ll just eliminate it.

If you’re ready to begin the exciting journey toward your ideal weight then schedule your initial session and begin Mastering Your Weight today.