Is Hypnotherapy the Key to Successful and Permanent Weight Loss?

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Hypnotherapy succeeds at creating permanent weight loss where diets don't because it focuses on the real reason people are overweight in the first place.  What does it tell you when America has the most serious and ongoing obesity epidemic of any country in the world yet, for years, it's also been the country with more different diet plans than the rest of the world combined?  The obvious conclusion is this: DIETS DON'T WORK!  Or to be more precise, diets may work for a little while but, in most cases, they don't succeed at creating permanent weight loss. 
The reason diets don't work is simple and fundamental.  Whether it's fad diet from a book or a prepackaged Nutri-System style food plan, they all address what you eat and how much you eat but they don't get to the core reason people are overweight in the first place and that's why you eat. 
Human beings are unique in the animal world in many ways and one of those ways is our relationship with eating.  Other animals eat for one reason, to provide nutrition for their body.  As a result, they eat the right foods and, for the most part, turn their noses up on the wrong foods and they normally eat only what they need to maintain their health.  
Most humans on the other hand, seldom eat solely to satisfy their bodies nutritional requirements.  We eat for a wide variety of other reasons having nothing whatsoever to do with nutrition.  We eat for comfort, as part of social rituals, when we're bored, as well as when we're hungry to just name a few.  And, since emotions play a large part in our eating and since the unconscious mind controls our emotions, our eating, and particularly our overeating is most often controlled by the unconscious mind as well.  
Did you ever fall off a diet plan one evening and ask yourself later “why did I eat that?” then recommit to adhering to the diet better in the future only to fail again and again? That was your unconscious mind overriding your conscious will.  
Most of your unconscious behavior regarding eating was established years ago and, unless and until you can reprogram your unconscious mine (teach it new behaviors), this behavior will most likely continue into the future.  
Weight loss hypnotherapy programs focus on what you eat and, more importantly, why you eat.  Using NLP and hypnotherapy you and I will create new, healthier behaviors and new responses to old triggers.  If there is a particular food  that you have an almost uncontrollable weakness for, we can eliminate it permanently. You can say goodby to the frustrating cycle of losing then regaining weight as your conscious and unconscious mind take turns with controlling your eating.  Reprogram your mind through a weight loss hypnotherapy program and get your conscious and unconscious mind in synch working toward a common goal of a happier, healthier you.  It's easier than you think.