Imagining New Possibilities With Hypnotherapy and NLP

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cant-shouldntAll too often people operate within their self created comfort zone and fail to grasp opportunities to grow and contribute beyond that space.
And to be fair, some are well aware of their own personal ecology and know and have justifications as to why and where their boundaries lie. However, many boundries are self imposed very much like the elephant and its tether. You see, elephants are trained to stay where they are by tying a rope around one of their massive legs and attaching it to a peg in the ground? But can the peg and rope really hold back an elephant? Absolutely not!
Then why does it work? Because elephants are trained when they are quite young and grow up believing it will. At first they tried pulling away with no success. Maybe they were even injured by their action. But certainly after enough failures, they stop trying. By the time they are fully grown they no longer test the restraint, and confine themselves when tethered to the rope.
Did you also know, that most of us are doing the exact same thing to ourselves? Beliefs that have been ingrained into our minds and behaviours we first developed as children can all too often mean we end up holding ourselves captive with our own self imposed teathers. Nonetheless, this is a great question worth asking of yourself to to reveal possibilities that come from asking “What would happen if…” that could lead to greater things that you may not have considered before. Hypnotherapy and NLP are very effective ways of helping you get rid of those self imposed limitations and of eliminating outdated negative belief systems and fear.
Remember, if the ship always stays in sight of the shore, new lands can never be discovered.
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