Gastric Bypass – No Surgery – A Review

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The airways are full of commercials these days advertising an alternative for gastric bypass surgery but with no surgery involved.  The claim is made that their gastric bypass – no surgery formula fills the stomach to the point where you can’t eat as much, just as if you had gastric bypass surgery and so you will lose weight.  
The ads also claim, correctly that the gastric bypass – no surgery program is less expensive than surgery. The question on a lot of people’s minds is, does it work and if it does, how much does it cost?   Regarding the question, “Does it work?”, the answer is a qualified yes.  By qualified, I mean that, if taken according to directions and with at least a minimum amount of motivation, most people will probably lose weight temporarily with this program. 
The Gastric Bypass – No Surgery formula is a combination of  β-Glucan®, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, Konjac and Inulin all relatively safe food products that are water soluble.  The primary function of these products is to form a mass that remains in your stomach long enough to prevent you from eating more than a very small portion of food.  Some of the ingredients provide secondary benefits where the dietary fiber slow the absorption of carbohydrates and, in some cases, reducing cholesterol levels in the blood as well. 
I use Konjac myself as a dietary supplement for adding lots of fiber to my diet and appetite suppressant and recommend it to my weight loss clients, especially Type 2 diabetics who can benefit most from its ability to slow carbohydrate absorption.  Of course, as a dietary supplement, one can purchase Konjac powder for considerably less than what folks are being asked to pay for this highly advertised formula.  One has to wonder how much of the cost of the gastric bypass – no surgery formula goes into advertising as opposed to the product itself. 
When you mix Konjac powder  with water and let it sit, it takes on the solid rubbery consistency of silicon caulk like you might use to seal windows and the like.  It’s obvious that this dietary formula reacts much the same and does exactly what they claim it will do, which is to fill up the stomach and remain for a while and thereby giving you a full feeling after eating a much smaller portion. As a result, if feeling full is when you quit eating, then you are likely to eat a lot less using this gastric bypass – no surgery formula and the result will be weight loss.  
There is, however an apparent shortcoming with this program, just like there is for any diet or strategy that temporarily restricts or reduces your intake of food…and that is, what happens when you quit taking the supplement or go off the diet.  Unless you have permanently modified your behavior, the minute you stop taking the formula, you are going to start regaining the weight because your unconscious mind will not have changed its behavior and will still be looking for the same signals for when to eat and when to quit eating.  Even the company itself admits this obvious shortcoming when it says in bold print on its website, that success is limited only by your mind.  We couldn’t agree more!  I’ve been saying that for decades while working to empower peoples minds for success.  Unfortunately, the gastric bypass – no surgery formula does nothing at all to reprogram the mind. It only changes the amount of food it takes for the unconscious mind to receive the “I’m full” signal from the stomach.
Even people who have gastric band surgery have to get their bands adjusted because patients often continue to try to stretch their stomachs to accommodate more food.  Neither gastric bypass surgery nor the gastric bypass – no surgery program address the root cause of obesity, the behavior controlled by the unconscious mind.  As anyone who has used diets and will power to lose weight without behavior modification will attest to, the unconscious mind will continue to try to continue its behavior and when finally set free will do it’s best to make up for lost time. 
I also offer my weight loss clients a non-surgical alternative to gastric bypass surgery.  It’s called the Virtual Gastric Band and it involved programming the unconscious mind with the belief that the stomach has been shrunk through the installation of a gastric band.  Just the power of the unconscious mind alone is enough to create the feeling of fullness, as if the stomach was shrunk in size.  While the degree of success of the Virtual Gastric Band varies depending upon the individual client, just like the surgican device, I only use this strategy in conjunction with a thorough behavior modification program designed to reprogram a person’s eating habits and their level of physical activity.  Behavior modification is the key to successful and permanent weight loss, regardless of whether one is dieting, undergoing surgery or filling their stomachs up with something to make them full.  Of all the weight loss alternatives, hypnotherapy is the only strategy that focuses on why you eat as well as what and how much you consume and therefore is the only weight loss strategy that has as its prime objective, permanent weight loss without dieting and without will power. 
According to their website, the gastric bypass – no surgery formula starts at $480 for a 3-4 month supply.  The Virtual Gastric Band program is a one time charge of $695 for 6 sessions and, if successful, should last you a lifetime (unless you lose too much weight and need it hypnotically loosened or removed.)