Celebrities Using Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and More

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hypnotherapyEvery day more and more people are discovering the power of NLP, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy to lose weight and for creating other positive changes in their lives. This list includes a growing number of celebrities of all kinds.
Celebrities like Orlando Bloom, Ellen DeGeneres and sports figure David Beckham have successfully used hypnosis for the different challenges they faced. For example with David Beckham sought out a hypnotherapist to help him get out of a deep personal slump and Orlando Bloom’s mom took him to a hypnotherapist when he was younger to control his addiction to chocolate and help hom lose weight.
While it’s far from complete, here’s a partial list of other celebrities and the issues they used hypnotherapy to address. They’ve all used hypnosis and hypnotherapy at some point in their lives to help them to overcome their bad habits and personal problems or to eliminate their limitations and become either initially successful or even more so.
Sophie Dahl (model): Sophie was a “plus sized” model from England. After a change of heart she used hypnosis for weight loss and dropped a significant amount of weight as a result. Now she leads a healthy lifestyle, is a beautiful pin-up model, and manages to keep the weight off. More than a decade later Sophie is still wearing a size 8!
Orlando Bloom (actor): Orlando’s mother took him to a hypnotherapist as a child to help him to overcome his addiction to chocolate and also to help him to lose weight and get into shape.
Albert Einstein (physicist): The legendary physicist regularly used it to help him to develop his ideas. It’s rumored that Einstein’s theory of relativity came to him during one of his hypnosis sessions.
Tiger Woods (golf pro): Has famously used hypnosis ever since he was a child. He used a mixture of hypnosis, NLP, and visualization to help him to focus and improve his concentration and “get into the zone” and to become one of the highest paid sports stars and most successful golfers of all time.
Lily Allen (singer): Lily used weight loss hypnosis successfully – she lost so much weight she dropped 3 dress sizes.
Aaron Eckhart (actor): Reports in an interview that he used hypnosis to help him to beat smoking and alcohol addictions and that it changed his life forever.
Geri Halliwell (singer): Former Spice Girl is another celebrity who credits her use of hypnotherapy to lose weight and get fit.
Sir Winston Churchill (prime minister): Used to often work, and plan all night long during World War II and would listen to hypnosis tapes during the day to help him to stay fresh.
Ashton Kutcher: Aston is a big fan of hypnosis, tells people he uses hypnosis for various issues. He used it when he first got into acting to help him to focus, and to visualize his own success and stardom. Ashton is also another celebrity crediting hypnotherapy for helping him quit smoking permanently.
Jimmy Connors (former tennis pro): Used hypnosis regularly to help his tennis game, and to help him keep his focus during important tournaments.
Matt Damon (actor): Matt proclaimed his love for hypnosis live on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, stating that it was “the greatest decision I ever made in my life.” after he used hypnosis to stop smoking.
Jack Nicklaus (former professional golfer): Jack’s a big fan of hypnosis and he isn’t shy about his passion for hypnosis and enhancing his mind. He has used it for years to improve his concentration during golf games.
Jackie Kennedy: Took private sessions with a hypnotherapist to help her get over the tragic death of her husband JFK.
Ellen DeGeneres (celebrity): Ellen underwent hypnosis live on her TV chat show, and used it’s power to successfully stop smoking.
Ben Affleck: Ben was quoted as saying: “I feel a huge difference in my health now that I don’t smoke. I feel like I’m in better shape than I was five years ago”  Ben is another fan hypnotherapy and it’s ability to reprogram human behavior.
Kevin Costner (actor): During the filming of Waterworld, Kevin had his own private hypnotist flown out to Hawaii to cure him of his seasickness which was plaguing his filming schedule.
Here are a few more celebrities who have used hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP to improve their lives.

More celebrities who quit smoking with hypnosis:

Barry Moore, Billy Joel, Drew Barrymore, Britney Spears, Charlize Theron and Ben Affleck

More celebrities who have used hypnosis to lose weight:

Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson, Geri Halliwell and Chuck Clausen & Sarah Ferguson (Fergie also used hypnosis to quit biting her nails)
Sylvester Stallone used self hypnosis to help him write the script for “Rocky”. He then used hypnosis daily to overcome over 900 rejections for his script. During each day of filming “Rocky” he used hypnosis tapes. “Yo Adrian, I did it!”
Tony Curtis used hypnosis to overcome his fear of flying and to improve his career.
James Earl Jones and Bruce Willis used hypnosis to overcome stuttering.

Still other famous actors and celebrities who have used hypnosis to improve their lives are:

Samuel L Jackson, Sean Penn, Sean Connery, Martha Stewart, Dolly Parton and Lily Tomlin
Even the beloved Princess Diana used hypnosis to improve her self confidence and comfort during public speaking.
Hypnosis, NLP and Hypnotherapy are great for non-celebrities too. How would you like to improve your life today? Call us for a free consultation or better yet, get started now by scheduling an appointment today.